The Lowyat Incident – 2015 – Thoughts  

Now there are many stories and blogs that have covered this issue already.

Riots and Chaos broke out on Saturday night after “Buka Puasa” (breaking fast – our fellow Muslim friends are fasting and Raya will be here shortly (in fact in a matter of a days) in and around Lowyat.

There has been a few sides of the story, I’ll post what I have gathered and seems logical.


There is also a version where counterfeit Oppo was sold.


A guy was caught after running away with a phone from the shop or store while the salesman was grabbing a free gift (its common that We, Malaysian ask for free gift here with a purchase). Some oppo guy apparently catches him and turns him in to the police or cops. Other version suggests that it was the guard on duty who turned him over. Within hours the guy was released from the police station, which to me raises questions, is that the SOP (standard operating procedure) of handling a person suspected of theft? He then gathered his friends (which is said to be in the same gang as he is) and went back to Lowyat. The video shows the gang shouting and asking who,presumably, who was the person who turned their friend in accompanied with profanity.


A CCTV recording showing the suspect stealing the phone has also been circulating on Facebook.


Then they started beating up a guy wearing a green shirt with OPPO printed on it (it’s a brand and Oppo is a Chinese phone company). 7 vs 1. The man ran towards the crowd – where other Lowyat employees were. They pursued and continued beating the guy. Others then came to his defense , probably trying to reason with them. All of a sudden it turned ugly the whole group of onlookers charged and started beating the group of men. It was like a Rugby scene where players shouted and chanted to strike fear.

After all the beating, the group made their escape, with at least one police officer outside (looks like we have one who failed to act, an omission that should not have happened given that they swore to protect us, the public and may be liable under Tort. NST (New Straits Times) reported that they have arrested one man (the one who allegedly stole the phone and gathered his gang) while the others are still out at large. The manhunt for the rest of the gang could have been avoided if the police arrested them there and then.

Here is the vid :

Ill just leave this message here :

Dear Malaysians,
(yes, as long as you’re a Malaysian, put aside your ethnicity, language, religious believes and everything else)

With the recent outbreak of chaos or riot in and around Lowyat due to several reasons, i think it may be wise to go “jalan jalan” less. Never know how bad this may turn out to be.

Do refrain from anything that will cause racial tensions, like calling people names and insulting their believes. Be civilized. No point reliving May 13. If it starts, remember those people ministers who threatened of a recurrence (although i doubt they’ll get into trouble at all). Nothing to do with it? Why should it concern you? Because when shit happens, no one gives a shit as to whether or not you were part of it. Wars do not discriminate. Don’t be collateral damage. Even if the police solves it, one party will always remain unsatisfied, that’s how much hatred there is i guess.

If you want to get angry, be angry with our scandals that has been going on for years.

Raya is just days away and i want to be able to enjoy “Raya-ing” peacefully and may peace last even after that.


For now let’s just see how the investigations go and hope for the best.

Lowyat really need a better security system and better CCTVs.

Many things need to be improved. This incident also showcased the lack of crackdown on fake products (if it’s true, however yes in Malaysia lots of things can be fake). Example : Those fake pen drives sold outside and around Lowyat – large capacity and cheap price = fake.

*This are my thoughts,if you didn’t notice yet and is subject to updates if necessary.


Sources (in no particular order) :







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