WP Rant

Its a complete mess, I tried a few themes to see what happens. The intro to themes always look nice (at least most of them do) they’re like an edited advertisement to entice you. That’s how people are in general when you meet them initially too.

Being new to WP makes it no easier either, I mean the blog has been online for some time but I have yet to update since my last post a few months ago. *Lazy me* Today I’ve come to learn that there is an upload limit to WP which is a staggering 3GBs, the sheer amount of pictures I take by itself can surpass that, which is also why I do not agree with Dropbox’s puny 2GB to start with and Microsoft’s 15 – 5 GBs for new users just because certain people stored more than 75TBs of data, seriously wtf have those humans been uploading to their cloud storage, a humongous personal stash of porn in 4K or 1080P?  Personally it does not affect me as I have 130GBs of storage for my OneDrive but its a big PR disaster. I dont use dropbox as much due to its low storage provided.

Lets see how the current theme turns out to be, as of now the header picture is really tiny, I hope I could make it bigger and the space on the header in between the Motto, picture and name kills me. Much space, much unused, much wasted, such disgust.

Next update will probably be the Penang Trip, just need to get my draft settled, pictures and videos prepared and then Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste) and viola. Still unhappy about that 3GB limit…. Yes I know that many people use WP but its year end of 2015, have we not improved? Its just funny and agonising at the same time when we have modernised and improved, moving progressively to the future but stuff like this still happens, akin to how our internet speeds are greatly influenced by geographical locations. Its just sad but I guess thats how the world operates, an eye for an eye, money for internet and others. C’est la vie.

Till next time.



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