Customer service is practically shit in Malaysia.

Customer service

-defined as the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.


  1. Airasia

My last post : Our Trip To Penang highlighted the issue we had with Airasia Go and Airasia as a whole.

Following that post I made a phone call (on Dec 11th 2015) and a subsequent email on the 4th of Jan 2016. I am yet to receive any sort of reply from them. Do be reminded that the standard replying frame is 2 weeks. I am truly disappointed with such lousy services. Below is the email I sent to them :

Itinerary number : 1207-5215-2286 (without dashes or spaces).


I will be representing all of us for this matter and in view of that, I shall be the sole correspondence. My name is Vincent.


We had a flight to Penang on Nov 23rd of 2015, upon arrival, we discovered that the hotel or accommodation that was pre-booked with our flight had been closed for over a month. I must say that we were collectively worried and shocked. The question of where should we sleep tonight arose? In the Church, Mosque or Temple nearby? Needless to say we also felt cheated by both AirAsia go and the hotel and we thought we will never get our money back. In addition, if we did find a hotel where were we to find such huge sums of cash to pay for it? We just got here, with no idea where the nearest banks or ATMs were.


Frantically we had to search for another hotel and finally got everything taken care of. We now had a place to sleep for the night. Our parents and relatives exclaimed in shock, at least most of them did except one that laughed. Since we check into a hotel in such a hurry without any advanced booking, we had to pay more. In addition to the refunded Rm 442 (which is Rm88 per person), we still lacked Rm 60 per person for the hotel.


From my conversation with your representatives I was offered a (one) Rm 50 VOUCHER (which is also subject to Terms and Conditions) out of goodwill for the whole trip valid until the end of this year (2016). I have got to be honest, when I first heard Rm 50, I thought that would be great, until the word “voucher” surfaced. As such we have taken a vote to turn the offer down as it is just inadequate, plus it’s a freaking “voucher” instead of cash, meaning we would still have to make use of your services in the future, there is a phrase : ‘Once bitten, twice shy’ so why should we use the same services that left uis high and dry while putting us through so much of hassle, emotional distress, and time wasted (which upset our original schedule), including the time taken to type this correspondence? 


Call details : Friday, ‎December ‎11, ‎2015  4.05pm.

Person I spoke to : Sumwt (read as Sumit) 4.08pm

Transferred to person higher in authority at 4.15pm. – Mr.Saurabh.

Compensation offered : Rm50 coupon whole booking not one person.  Valid for one year.   Terms etc etc..

Call ended at 4.49pm.


As such, I strongly urge you to come up with something better than just a “voucher”, I’ll be straight to the point, we would be delighted if we were compensated with an acceptable amount of cash (who wont be?)


For the sake documentation, always reply with a name in the end of the email.


I look forward to hear from you within a reasonable amount of time.”

It would seem to me that I shall now take things to the next level with Bursa Malaysia, the National Complaints Centre or straight up to consumer court.




  1. Nokia Care Center

Nokia has been the name that signifies quality and durability for many including me, and I still have my 3310 lying around. Unfortunately, that may not always seem to be the case.

7th June 2015 (6:22p.m)

My bittersweet experience with Nokia/Microsoft Care Malaysia.

Okay so as promised earlier, here is the whole incident.

Let’s start from the beginning, I got myself the Nokia Lumia 920 back in 2014/2013 (Insert exact date here). For quite a bargain. It worked fine, after I reset it with the Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT for short). There was only one physical damage to the screen (upper part near the earpiece and the secondary camera) I believe that it was a result of someone trying to pry it open (probably to remove dust from the secondary cam (common issue with the 920). It went on for some time. The guy who sold it to me said it was a Malaysian set (we get updates based on region and GSM network(for calls and SMSs) is also location decided), it was in fact an African set (Uganda)

Then came the time Cyan update was finally launched for that region (Uganda). I hesitated after reading numerous horror stories about the update, they include : Heat Issues, Battery Drain and the camera failing to launch (The camera is the most important feature of this phone and I didn’t want to lose the ability to snap pictures). I stayed off for some time, then finally after months I updated it to Cyan, here is where the issues started. It really heated up (not warm, but hot to touch) especially near the motherboard usually when I use data connection (I do not have constant WiFi so yeah). Soon enough, the screen developed what we call ‘screen burn-in’ a yellowish tint resulting from heat. I then enrolled in the Developer preview program (PDF) and got Denim (the latest update) since it wasn’t available in Uganda (and still is unavailable last I checked on Friday). The heat did go away, but now the screen would flicker (insert email to Nokia and Mr. Stephen Elop here). I contacted Microsoft (since they bought the mobile division of Nokia). Told them my issues and I sincerely believed that the software caused the overheating, screen burn in and damaged it till the point that it would flicker. After about a week, the local Nokia Care center called me up. Saying that Microsoft gave them the green light to proceed with repairs out of goodwill. Its about to get interesting from here on.

3rd April 2015

I sent the device in personally and took care of the paperwork and double checked that they knew what issues I was experiencing. I left with a Nokia Lumia 520 as a temporary loan phone. I called twice or trice in between to check the status and also checked online. SOP is that it will be done within 2 weeks. That was not true. I got a call on the 6th saying that they will proceed with repairs as no water damage was found at 2.50p.m from 03-79321101. Apparently, they only decided to order my parts on the 27th of April, which sounds a little off to me (what did they do in between?).

8th May 2015

Finally, they called me and I went and took my baby back after so long and numerous lost chances to snap low light pictures in Johore Bahru beside Singapore (I had a short visit). They changed the display and motherboard, yay, brand new (*claps*). I did a check on the spot to see if anything was wrong, nothing seemed wrong. Until I got home, there was dust in camera module (covered by the phone body itself) and my tiny part in my sim holder was lost. I then returned on the 14th to get it sorted out (3rd visit so far), they did. The tomboyish lady however said there was no such thing on my sim holder (in person) and the same by the technician after being asked by Michelle (I Called Her). What jokers, I know my phone well, I see it naked almost daily and you mean to say I missed out or was mistaken over a small tiny missing part? Then things seemed to finally settle down.

Change of events

25th May (Monday)

While fondling my phone over and over again, something was different again. As a user who snaps quite a lot I noticed some sound from the body (between cam and power button). To best describe it, it sounded like a press of a mechanical pencil. Annoying. I had never encountered it previously.

26th May (Tuesday)

Called Nokia Care center (NCC) and spoke to Michelle whom asked the technician, he (I do not know the sex of the person) suspected that it was either display not fitting in or a bad fit by the phone body cover. Recommended an evaluation at NCC which I did send over to get done (personally) on the 27th (Wednesday) . They then said that it was the cover and it would cost RM 276.50 (basically to me it signals it as being my fault now). I left. I couldn’t pay for such a thing and my parents certainly would not agree to it.   (4th visit)

29th May (Friday)

Wilson from MS mobile called, we had a chat and along the way suggested that perhaps it may be wear and tear (for a while yes, It seemed to be the case). However after some thinking, it sounded ridiculous. No one pressed that area and it only started after dust removal from the camera. This led me to believe that the person who opened it probably didn’t do it in a gentle or correct manner (I’ve personally opened it while using a YouTube video as reference, yes it wasn’t easy, so perhaps the person had the same issue and decided to anyhow remove it and get the job done). He said there will be no guarantee with regard to this issue.

2nd June (Tuesday)

Wilson called again and I told him that I would sent it in right away after the call ( I want it to be solved ASAP too) said I could get it back the same day if it’s a minor issue and told me to send it in for another evaluation. At NCC however, the buff Malay guy said id have to leave it, apparently told to do so by MS (so who’s lying here?). I did, reluctantly and took the 520 on loan again (it too had issues since the first time). (5th visit)


5th June (11.58 a.m) (Friday)

I got a call from NCC, it was June, the head of department (also the lady who first attended to me when I sent it in on April 3rd 2015) . She said that they replaced the body case FOC and asked if I had any other concerns or issues, (so that it would be resolved finally) I did not have any. Unfortunately this time, flash didn’t work (It is due to the new body casing, the inner pins did not get into contact with the flash plate on the new case). It would work if I applied pressure near the flash. Oh god. What in the world? Looks like another trip and call to NCC). Haiz (*sigh*). (6th visit)


8th June 2015

I called June right after my class and then went to NCC right after college. Arrived at about 2.30 and was served right away (not many people). I did notice a guy I’ve never seen previously. The guy sitting beside him (the buff Malay guy) had the unhappy face expression or here comes trouble expression (its my interpretation of course). Told him my issue and showed him that it would work if I applied pressure. He sent it in to the technician and came back in less than 5/10 minutes. ‘Viola’ it was done and settled. What I did notice is that 2 people who work there uses an iPhone. I was also told that there are 6 different technicians. So perhaps the one who fixed my issue knew what he was doing or acquired the experience after my many visits. It only takes one technician to be unhappy with MS or Nokia devices or even being sloppy to mess up the whole damn experience. It is important to note that there have been better stories or experiences with Nokia Care Centers in their country, the ones whom were less fortunate and the ones like mine. I truly hope that some kind of revamp is enroute. It should reduce costs, frustration and increase customer satisfaction in the long run.


28 September 2015

9.36 pm

Upon checking, Uganda still does not have the Denim update. The delays in pushing out an update will definitely not play well with those who have purchased a Lumia which still does not have Denim while the rest of the world has it. Website :,Uganda

As of last week I discovered that data usage with 64kbps as max speeds (which is free) offered by many telcos in Malaysia seems to heat the phone up more than using a high speed data. I used both Maxis and Digi and my now on Celcom which by far have only felt it get warm. Thought I’d just point it out.


To those who have helped me along the way, both known and unknown, I hereby would like to extend my gratitude and say thank you. This would include the lovely Miss. Victoria, Mr. Wilson, June (who tried her best I’d say) and those @LumiaHelp. I think MS assigns people with similar names to cater or help customers or its just plain coincidence. Yes please do let them know I said thank you. I also apologize for the long delay, I tried to send it in earlier but the site would not accept it and I have generally been carried away by life in college.


7th Nov 2015

Opened the phone and discovered that they taped my battery with yellow tape.


27th Nov 2015

Upon calling NCC, I was told that it was “part of the phone”. That’s just an epic joke. My vibration motor no longer works properly. Side note : Yes I dropped it, on my feet that was and has since worked and stopped working randomly.



14th Dec 2015

It would seem that another round has started my battery is weak and the heat issues have returned.


2nd Dec 2015

Sent phone in for evaluation again…


18th Dec 2015

Was notified that motherboard is failing, returned phone without charge.


21st Jan 2016

MS customer support basically told me im alone on this matter. Case closed.


So the motherboard is dying 8 months after all that drama. Perhaps I expected a little too much. All in all however Microsoft was kind enough and did over and above the legal duty it had to by providing goodwill repairs for a phone that wasn’t covered by warranty in the first place.



  1. Hotlink / Maxis

Where do I even start? Okay for most of the part it was fine till something went wrong with their tower affecting the area I am frequently in. Dropped calls, messages not sending or being received on time and internet just falling apart. Filed in a complaint with SKMM / MCMC and they had to escalate the issue. I even changed my sim card twice. Plus it was making my phone reboot often. It went on and on and on, a wild goose chase. This customer service attendee that attendee, network department and technical department. Practically gave up on them after they couldn’t fix it. They however seem to be one of the biggest spending service providers when it comes to advertising.

This post has been inspired by another blog post I read years ago and now its my turn to express my views on such matters :


Customer service sucks in Malaysia.


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