PicsArt messes up big time.


A while ago the internet went on a frenzy regarding a photo competition Nikon Singapore hosted, in which the winner actually pragmatised (stole or copied) an image of a previous winner for his own benefits. You may read up the whole story here :


Responding to the above, PicsArt, an “incredible” online community / photo editor jumped right in. Offering a grand prize of the Nikon 1J5 mirrorless camera (which by the way had my eyes set upon). The contest was to run from 3rd Feb – 14th Feb 2016.  I found out about it on the 4th. Read the terms and conditions + the tutorial :  Downloaded their app, and started trying things out.


It was however not a smooth sail, as you can see below :


  1. Signing up allowed me to use my Hotmail account but posting here (on their website) requires either Gmail, Twitter or Facebook but not my Hotmail account. Consistency please.


  1. Gosh, looking for an airplane picture in the #FreeToEdit section was really hard, I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled, would you be kind enough to address it with a search option and send out an update?


  1. App crashed while I was editing the picture halfway, looks like I have to search for airplane pictures again…


  1. Following your instructions to #PutAPlaneIntoIt : editing or removing other artifacts were hard and generally unresponsive in the app, it was also not precise (it did not register my finger taps or swaps properly)


  1. Trying out, I skipped the clean up or editing process and tried to see what the final product may come out as. I was greeted with a black screen with an option to save but no image was available. Checking back in my recent edits the picture remained untouched as it was before editing and my editing was not saved.


To say the least, I truly am disappointed and frustrated with how the app has come to be, unpolished if I may say. How then do you expect others to edit and participate? Their site above clearly states that their app is on all major platforms : iOS, Android and Windows but it would seem to be below par with the other platforms. Picsart app avail.png

In fact I sent them an email with the points above (1 – 5 plus that disappointed paragraph right above). Today is the 17th of Feb 2016. I have not gotten any response from the support team and my comment on their blog was even deleted (the one with the terms & conditions + tutorial). To make matters worse, they updated the app on the 15th. If you take into consideration the time zone differences I could have had a few hours to a few minutes or no time at all. (I cannot be sure as I can only see the date an app was updated not the time).



I’m rather sure that quite a number of you out there would understand that art takes time. I can’t just jump into editing with minutes to spare without warning.

Seriously guys, don’t go around advertising when your app is half baked, I expect it to work when you do so and in that there is the element of misrepresentation. I just like the way you ran this contest.

In my defense, for anyone out there who thinks I messed up or something, well no. I reinstalled it, restarted my phone with only one improvement, the tapping seemed to respond better until it went downhill once again.


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