Energizer PMZH61 – A Review

Disclaimer :

  1. I do not claim to know it all and thus do not wish to be held liable for anything that arises out of this “article”.
  2. This unit was provided for review.
  3. This “article” is subject to updates (if any are applicable).
  4. For the safety of others and yourself, never shine the light into other’s eyes. Keep it away from children whom may not be able to follow such instructions. The beam can impair or cause irreparable damage to eyesight due to its brightness.


*The terms: “flashlight”, “torchlight” and “torch” are used interchangeably and mean the same thing.



  1. About the torchlight
  2. Feel
  3. Issues
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Possible solutions?
  6. Customer service
  7. Conclusion

About the torchlight

The Energizer PMZH61, sports a whopping 1300 lumens (yes, it is bright and almost overkill for the everyday, average user) and a range of 230 meters (both on high mode). It operates on 3 different modes (the 4th being a feature or function):

  1. High mode (brightest) at 1300 lumens up to 4 hours;
  2. Low mode (dimmest) at up to 220 lumens and 19 hours of runtime;
  3. Strobe (SOS mode which runs on the high mode)
  4. Long pressing the “on” switch activates a mode called “Digital Focus” which from its default spot light mode transitions into flood light through a diffused lens. (This mean you get a wider, more even output of light)

Once again powered by the ever-easy to get AA batteries (6 to be exact) means batteries are easy to get. Being equip with “O-rings” it is IPX4 rated – able to withstand splashes from any direction, thus its use in rain should be fine.Note: This does not mean its waterproof and neither should it be soaked or submerged in any liquid. More on IPX ratings here: http://justelation.com/ipx-ratings-described/

Similar to its smaller counterpart the PMZH21, this also meets the ANSI / NEMA FL-1 standard. A standard which seeks to standardise flashlight or torchlight testing across the board, in hopes of reducing or preventing manufacturers from simply slapping exaggerated numbers on its specifications and its run time.

More about it here: https://flashlightwiki.com/ANSI-NEMA_FL-1 The color emitted is daylight and has a neutral white temperature which means that it is not super white to the point it glares and gets uncomfortable.

The torch is advertised as “designed to last 20 years”. Bold but perhaps, unwise. As you should discover later.



This torch is rather huge but still fits comfortably in my hands, granted my hands might be slightly bigger. Grip is decent when dry but as sweat or moisture builds up, its “infused grip enhancers” (machined directly onto the body) may not fare too well. If one loses grip of it, a fall is likely inevitable due to the absence of a land yard or wrist yard (which is present on the PMZH21).


Summary of issues:

  1. Battery being damaged (likely due to tail cap) eventually leading to a leak
  2. A fall may compromise its water resistance



New set of batteries, multiple tries at screwing and unscrewing the tail cap but it still grinded the negative terminals of the last 2 batteries nearest to the tail cap. As for the cut, it got worse after every subsequent tightening of the tail cap. This is particularly concerning, more so if one intends to use more expensive batteries such as alkaline or rechargeable ones.

After about 3 months of on and off usage, I discovered that the battery did leak.

While some might say that it is recommended to remove the batteries (when not in use), I would be doing so with the risk of further damaging the batteries. Regardless, Energizer’s no leak guarantee means I should be covered even if the batteries are dead (which is not the case because it still does have some remaining juice)


One fall (within 85 – 100cm) was also enough to dent the torchlight’ body, compromising its moisture and water resistance.

Possible solutions?

The tail cap could perhaps be sanded down a little more to ensure the integrity of batteries are not compromised. Any sharp ages that could inflict damage to the batteries should also be taken into account. As for the dent, I do not think I have a suggestion, a better design perhaps?


Customer service

Yes, they still do not have a dedicated customer service department, is it a “one women show” as far as I know.

Feedback and the above hypothesis was also communicated, subsequently brought to the attention of the manufacturing plant, unfortunately, they have not responded to Energizer Malaysia.

My last 2 emails regarding the battery leak and compromised water resistance after a fall however did not receive a response.

This torch raises questions.

a. Primarily what is happening to their quality checks?

b. Were these torches even tested extensively?

c. How did the design even get approved if such issues are easily identifiable?

Side note: The 900 lumen version uses the same design and body, I am thus inclined to believe that it would likely suffer the same “flaws”.


This torch is “a step forward but flawed nonetheless”.

Fatal or not, is dependent on you. As for me, at least it works but the flaws a disconcerting.


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